Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

HowTo App Community Guidelines

The HowTo app was created to bring our community closer together than ever before. To ensure this is maintained, we ask that all members adhere to the following community guidelines.

Above all else, we ask that members using the HowTo app promote the following behaviours:

  • Be Considerate – Please respect other creators’ opinions on the app, even when they are different to your own.
  • Take Responsibility When using the HowTo app, you are responsible for your words, actions and what you post.
  • Be Collaborative – The best creations and ideas come from working together. Please use our app in a collaborative manner.
  • Inspire Others – When using the HowTo app, work with one another to motivate and engage.
  • Be Genuine – Never spam or interact with others with ulterior motives. Be authentic when using the HowTo app.

In contrast, we request that members of the HowTo app avoid behaviours that encourage any of the following:

Posting Nudity

How To Make Ltd. have a zero-tolerance policy against posting nudity or anything of a sexual nature. If you are seen to be promoting these behaviours on the HowTo app, you will be in breach of our community guidelines and will be banned.

Promoting Racism

The HowTo community is a diverse one, promoting collaborative work between those of all backgrounds. We admonish the promotion of any racist behaviours and treat all cases with an equal severity and action a zero-tolerance policy.

Hate Speech & Bullying

Treating one another with respect is a hallmark of the HowTo community. We have a zero-tolerance policy against hate speech and bullying and moderate content accordingly. Anything seen to be encouraging either will result in a ban.

Follow the law, it’s what creators do.

Creators using the HowTo app should follow the latest intellectual property rights when interacting with others and posting content. You should only upload what you have the rights to and own, or have consent to post. Don’t post anything that is copied from the internet, stolen from another creator or posted without any similar permissions.

You must also respect that the HowTo app should never be used to promote illegal activities such as but not limited to: terrorism, organised crime, sexual services or drug use.

Consider other creators

When posting and interacting within the HowTo app, please be considerate of everyone else. Do not place deliberate emphasis on sensitive topics or share anything graphic that could offend a fellow creator.

These community guidelines are approved by How To Make Ltd. and were last updated on 26th April 2022.